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Rules and Prceedures for Overnight Trips


  1. Make sure that you leave all appropriate phone numbers for us to contact you, including a cell phone. We have a field trip cell phone in the office for your use for any field trip.
  2. Make sure you have the phone numbers of the principal or other administrators you may need to contact. These numbers and availability should be verified prior to your departure.
  3. Make sure you have all the proper medical and permission forms signed and with you.
  4. No open or screw-top containers are allowed.
  5. Parents are required to drop students off at the time of bus departure and they are required to open luggage for the chaperones and verify that there are no illegal or inappropriate materials present.
  6. While at any lodging, students are required to be in same gender rooms only at all times.
  7. If students are visiting a room other than the one he/she is assigned to, the door of that room must remain open.
  8. Students should not be given "free time" to be or go wherever they want. They must always be accountable to a chaperone and a chaperone must be accountable for them.